Quick answer:  YES.  Why?  Look at the following advantages when a property is staged (source: Homestagingpartners.com)

  • Staged homes sell faster (usually in 30-45 days).
  • One can get a higher sales price (5-7% higher generally but it can go higher).  5% on a   $300,000 home is a potential increase of $ 15,000 more for your home for an expenditure of less than $ 3,000.  That is not a bad investment for 30 days.
  • Staging is a great listing tool.
  • Distinct marketing advantage in good and slow markets.
  • Staging appeals to a broader range of buyers.
  • Buyers feel that staged homes are well-maintained.
  • Home inspectors view staged homes as well cared for.
  • Staged home often get better appraisal values.
  • Professional image.  Staged homes look better; flyers and websites stand out.  Remember more than 90% of prospective buyers shop on-line before contacting a Realtor.
  • While not a staging requirement get an appraisal before listing and a home inspection (my opinion).  You'll get a third party opinion of what the market is in your neighborhood.
  • Staging cost can be tax deductible. 

Staging should be planned before listing the property with a budget of about 1% of the list price.  This is not an absolute but it does give you an estimate of what you can expect to spend on staging.  And don't think that since you staged your property it will automatically sell.  Staging is not an absolute; it simply offers you an option to set your property apart in the market with an  expectation of selling faster and for more. 

Some caution should be exercised.  

  • A stager will work with what you have. 
  • Staging will be an inconvenience but it is worth the potential increase in home value. 
  • Homeowners may get upset to see things removed, moved and changed.  Your normal life will be turned upside down because the living and aesthetic criteria has changed.  Live with it.  In the big picture a stager brings neutrality and objectivity that is necessary to sell your home.
  • You may have to undertake some past due maintenance (the reason for the home inspection mentioned above).  Get these things done.  You will be rewarded.   

Bottom line:  You owe it to yourself and your investment to gain whatever advantage you can in the real estate market.  STAGE...let your house do the talking.