Some key items to consider if you are planning to sell.

Appraisal.  This individual is critical to you in any sale.  So make sure that you eliminate odors and get rid of clutter.

Consider Home Video Tours....start talking up your property.

Planning a so with what does the addition add to the value of the property.  Recently listed the impact of various exterior and interior remodeling projects.

  • Interior remodeling and replacement projects such as:  hardwood flooring (new) showed a 91% return on investment; kitchen upgrades 67%; bathroom renovation 58%; insulation upgrade 95%; heating and air conditioning 71%.
  • Exterior remodeling projects returns new fiberglass door 60%; new vinyl windows 80%; new roof 105%; new fiber cement siding 79%; new vinyl siding 83%; new garage door 87%.

Do more talking of the community, stellar points of interest, schools, green space, entertainment, restaurants, museums, parks and the like.

Get rid of your Home Equity.  Investigate Equity Key ( as a substitute.

Think of an auction.  Not for everybody but sometimes its the way to go.

Need to paint.  Buy "oops" paint which are incorrect mixed paints but if you can get the right color and amount for your needs the paint can cost you $ 5 per can.  Ask at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc.

The key is to be smart.  Don't over do changes and know what the return to you will be regarding the sale.  More importantly don't do something that does not meld into the neighborhood.