Recently I read that there are 50+ variations of the color white.  The variation of "white" colors leads one to question why a color is called white but appears to be anything but white. 

Here are some examples of white:  Pure White; Ghost White; White Smoke; Baby Powder; Snow; Ivory; Floral White; Seashell; Cornsilk; Old Lace; Cream; Beige; Linen; Antique White; Champagne; Eggshell; Dutch White; Bone; Vanilla; Flax; Navajo White; Ecru.....and the list continues. 

The challenge is when one wants to duplicate or match the color of white that you have.  Despite the technology and science matching whiteness is difficult and frustrating especially when it goes beyond paint....porcelain for example.

All colors have their challenges even black.  So be prepared that the color you select today will be difficult to match tomorrow.  One will require a PhD in colorimetry.