Buyers tend to over look some obvious and sometimes not so obvious items when purchasing a home.

Power lines.  Not aesthetically pleasing to look at but there are a host of studies contradicting the myth the power lines induce cancer.  Buyers have to satisfy themselves by investigating the various reports and decide if they can overlook the power line look.

New subdivision.  If the buyer sees or knows of a new subdivision in the area that interest them,  the odds are very strong that they can do better purchasing in the new subdivision (assuming the price is their planned purchase budget).  Developers have some strong financial incentives that at times are difficult to overlook. 

Neighborhood business.  Being right behind a 7/11 store or similar business can be a problem.  One of which would be deliveries.  Most are done at night or early morning.  Can be difficult to contend with.

Noise.  Most buyers are all ears listening for noise from airports, railroads, and major roadways or freeways.  What most neglect are animals.....dogs barking; neighbors aviary; or perhaps a chicken coop.  Check out what the area contains.

Privacy.  This is a difficult issue.  Some people think that they have privacy if their property butts up against a roadway while others feel that a neighbors home is too close (even if its miles away).

Environmental.  Is there an oil field close by; test facility; farm land; reclamation facility....the list can be end less.  Buyers should spend time driving around looking at what awaits them if they purchase in a certain location.

Buyers have to do their homework.  It is essential because the purchasing a home is a big financial undertaking.